Words that Penal Substitution uses that the Bible never put together.

If penal substitutionary atonement is such a core doctrine, why can’t we find any of it’s crucial words together in ANY bible? In every link notice the margin to the right. It will show any references of the same word combination in any other version of the bible. These have none or they have the same exact references noted, none of which apply to atonement issues.

debt + sin 0

debt + atonement 0

debt + sacrifice 0

sin  + substitution 0

(substitution alone appears 1 time and its the law forbidding a substitution of an animal tithe sacrifice)

Wrath  + sacrifice 0

offering + wrath 0

Anger + sacrifice 0

atonement + wrath 1

One reference and the atonement was not a blood sacrifice but instead incense. A symbol of prayer.

satisfy + satisfaction + satisfactory + wrath

One verse that has no atonement reference

satisfy + satisfactory + satisfaction + anger 0

wrath + cross 0

cross + anger 0

price + sin + death 0

owe + death 0

vengeance + sacrifice 

one unrelated to atonement

judgement + sacrifice 

1 unrelated to Jesus atonement

wrath + payment 0

redeem + redeemer + redemption + wrath + anger + judgement

One verse in Is. 54:8

“In a little wrath I hid my face from thee for a moment; but with everlasting kindness will I have mercy on thee, saith the LORD thy Redeemer.” 

Gods kindness is so big it makes His wrath look small!

Now lets look for some words that DO appear together.

Based on the evidence what theory of atonement should we be proclaiming?

Sacrifice + love 2

died + love 3

Son of Man + ransom 2

Ransom + died 1


Admittedly the story of Abraham and Isaac involves a replacement sacrifice. But notice there is no wrath, anger or vengeance component in the story.  Neither is there a price needing paid or a satisfaction other than faith. In fact God stopped the Father from slaying his son. If Isaac was a shadow of Jesus, that means the Father did not kill Jesus or pour out his wrath on him.  If Isaac was a symbol of us, Abraham was not angry at Isaac. Why would such a huge part of the atonement narrative be absent such a central prophecy about Jesus? Yet a death did in fact occur in Isaacs place.

Did Jesus death deliver us from Gods judgement? Yes.

But does that mean God poured out his wrath judgement on Jesus? We can’t find that in the text. 

I can understand how this would be hard to let go of because we have been so conditioned. This is why its so bizarre that when investigating the terms, they are so conspicuously absent from the bible.

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